The Inside-story Of The Beauty Content Creator Shiropa Ghosh And Her Eyeful Dynamics

Women of Color Beauty is setting in motion with a new series for our digital blogs wherein we call forth the budding beauty bloggers by curating a supportive, informative, and creative space for them.

We’re setting our sights on consolidating up in the air thoughts over the beauty movement and skin acceptance providing surface insights of what’s the latest thought or opinion over the beauty and skincare industry. We reached out to Shiropa Ghosh, an emerging beauty creator who has a firm hold over her content on social media platforms like Instagram. Her experimental soul extends the notion of beauty and art of make-up to a whole new level. This interview with her circles around the vast liberating topic of women of color, texture, and a real conversation with the beauty creator herself about her life. WOC Beauty endeared the talk with Shiropa Ghosh (@shirrooxx) and aspire to reach wider dynamics with the notion of inclusive beauty and diversity.

WOC beauty –  How do you stay abreast of the latest beauty and lipstick trends?

Shiropa Ghosh– Being plugged in via different social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube and so on so forth keeps me enlightened with the different lip trends and beauty notions which are trending.

WOC beauty – How do you pick a lip color which best compliments your skin color?

Shiropa Ghosh – The most essential facet of choosing a lip color for myself is if it compliments and enhances my skin color. My preference would always lay on stepping into stores and trying on shades which stays in line with my skin tone. However, this has not been possible during the pandemic so online shade matchers have been of great help for a beauty creator like me.

WOC beauty –  What is your favorite drugstore lip product and why?

Shiropa Ghosh – There’s an undying love for lipsticks from my side thus choosing one favorite drugstore lipstick is a tough part. There are several brands which I absolutely cherish which supremely includes the Women of Colour Beauty Liquid Lipsticks.

WOC beauty – One thing you didn’t learn at home about make-up and beauty, but wish you had?

Shiropa Ghosh –  It’s a mesmerising skill to know how to-do air brush make-up and to look natural at your best but unluckily I haven’t procured that skill yet. But that is the one thing I would love to learn.

WOC beauty – Who are your favorite 5 beauty gurus?

Shiropa Ghosh – My favourite beauty gurus/ makeup content creators who I genuinely enjoy watching would be ( in no particular order):

1. @weddingsandwarpaints ( Simone Lalwani )

2. @harshleenjhans 

3. @ling.kt 

4. @malvikasitlaniofficial

5. @mannymua733

WOC beauty – Your own advice to women of color about beauty and make-up?

Shiropa Ghosh – My prime advice to women of colour all over the world would be to embrace your skin color and be proud of your culture and roots you’re coming from- because that’s what makes you, you.

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