Let’s take a walk down the make-up memory lane of 2020, the onset of a fresh decade means there are new and gripping trends to embrace yourself. More so than ever before, it’s about embracing experimentation,

And isn’t Women Of Color all about embracing individuality?  There are quite a few lip color trends which have popped up in flashback of 2020 which are vying to have a spot on your face, here are some glimpses-

It’s time to talk lipstick- you know that a must-have, shiny pink you always keep on hand, that only adds a tint of color and never, ever feels overwhelming? It’s up in the air, the fantabulous red-carpet trend. The luminous pink shade in the lipstick laboratory was the go-to trend to stay inside, and sit still look pretty vibes. 



Taking an upturn to the fashionably gothic aura, 2020 toed around the edge of the almost black shades of purple style with the dramatically dark lipsticks.

The deep plum and burgundy shades were the eccentric touch one needed for this year. 



They say make-up should be the best of both worlds, here we’ve knocked on the two-toned lipstick trend door of the beauty batch of 2020. Sway two different lipstick shades- one on your top lip and other on the bottom. Refer to the color wheel to choose the closest possible colors like a red and pink to rock the dynamic, dimensional look. 



The recent resurgence of the classic red lipstick is all over the place.The classic red has been the most common denominator for women in 2020 as the extravagance of red adds up to their simple attire throughout this year. 



Last but not the least with the crackling trends for this year, ladies, you don’t always have to go for bold lip colours, in 2020 the subtle lip stain has been a major trend as everyone chose to look ‘Au naturel!’ Tap on the hazy and dreamy look for your lips with the low maintenance perk of its own while you rock the barely there vibe.



While there are a plethora of lip trends, 2020 brought us to probe the numerous beauty world flipping tricks which a single lip shade can throw us at. So, bookmark this throwback for the enchanting end of the year looks you want to slay!

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