Binding you with the beauty bucket list for 2021!

On the note of a glimmer of hope within the four walls throughout the year 2020 gave us more time to try new things, whether that’s brewing dalgona coffee, focussing on skincare, or experimenting with makeup colors you usually don’t wear.

And a new year pushes you to be a prodigy of a fresh wave of new make-up trends and experiments, so if you’re already the damsel in distress who has fine-tuned all the previous make-up trends and is in search of something fab to tap, then you’ve found yourself in the right corner of the beauty net.

Laying it out on the beauty desk- Kat’s purple mouth and Maddy’s patent leather sheen has been all heart eyes for the MUA’s in the Euphoria series on Netflix. If you’re all about traversing into an exotic lip look experimentation world then here’s it! The top two twisted looks in the show which you could totally give a hotshot to in the year 2021. 

The purple lipstick is definitely hard to miss, outshining a dramatic smokey eye to visually highlight Kat’s emotional journey shown on the show. Recreating this look vows a “Whatta wow” to your inner glam beast. 

Source: Euphoria

So for 2021, trade out that tired, old make-up trend and go for a bright blue or green on your lips. The look will certainly turn heads — and before you say “I could never pull that off,” just remember that it’s confidence that serves trend-setting looks just like in Euphoria.

The second top-notch classy lip look from the show is Maddy’s patent leather sheen look. One can’t stop staring at her patent leather lips and glittered-out eyelids. To get the lip look, line your lips in a dark color, then fill them in with lipstick that’s a few shades lighter. Dab it up with shiny, clear lip gloss and voila! You’ve fleeked the look on point. For the eyes, you can use a metallic lipstick to get the shimmery, silver shadow on the lids.

All in all to pack the lip look wishlist to recreate, let’s outlay some of the promising skin and beauty bucket list twiddling amongst our thumbs for the year 2021!

Sensation of the exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation was all in the trends in the year 2020 and likely to still ace the top place in one’s skincare game. We only had The Ordinary’s AHA BHA at the beginning of the year but now the market is bursting at the seams with exfoliants at every price point. You exfoliate your skin weekly, but aren’t sure how to do mild exfoliation, or fall somewhere in between, exfoliation can be a topic of confusion but mild exfoliation at home is just your safe spree. 2 ways for mild exfoliation could be like – Honey helps to speed up the natural exfoliation process and has humectant qualities, which help attract moisture, making it great as a hydrating facial scrub. Yogurt. Yogurt contains lactic acid, the same alpha hydroxy acid found in skincare treatments, only milder. It soothes, smoothes, and evens skin tone. 

Technicolor Lids

Eye makeup is all set to dominate 2021. For those who are all for edgy rather than simple, the technicolour lids trend is just for you. From taking the monochromatic route to using multiple hues — your lids are your canvas. The color renaissance is definitely the one to sweep you off your feet and turn those heads right back at you for a wonderful gaze on those resonant lids. So, this year, let your lids be the linchpin!


Electric Blue Eyeliner

We’ve all been through the illustrious bold and dynamic graphic liner trend, well it’s now here to slay 2021! Steer away from the lifeless, exhausted and dull eyes and pass that mainstream black liner back and forth with a bright blue one for a majestic cat-eye look, then dab on some shimmery pigments on your inner corners to brighten up the whole look. ( You might as well put the metallic lip shades in use here) This one will surely unleash the zest in you!

Lightweight foundation and long lashes

As we keep up with the new normal of face masks, make-up artist Scarlett Burton ( instagram- ) foresees the beauty behind the curtain to stay, minimal foundation coverage and long lashes being in the limelight is what stays in the way. We’ll pull the plugs from heavy contouring and unnecessary layers of base make-up, allowing our natural skin to shine through. Well indeed, we’re the women of color and embracing is epitomic skin melanins is what we preach!


Skinimalism and double cleansing

Neologism at its best, “skinimalism” coined term by Pinterest, is all about embracing your natural skin and super-minimal makeup. Since we’ve been bashing our skin with the flaring make-up trends, this trend ( or more like a habit to be imbibed) deserves a noteworthy outlook. According to the social media platforms, taking the best care of your skin by double cleansing and abstaining from hiding imperfections and discoloration is the endgame, people are forfeiting an intricate makeup regime to embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through.

Moreover, give this list a glance to set the seal on to be in vogue right from experimenting top-notch trending make-up looks from Euphoria or just sink in with what’s new for this year.“The world is not a wish-granting factory”, rightly quoted by John Green but you are your own fairy godmother for sure. So, put on your beauty boots for this blended bucket list of yours for the year 2021!

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